Survivor Talks


July 30, 2021

Laura and Kate explore their own struggles with self-blame as well as dive deep into bible passages like the OT laws on sexual assault, polyvagal theory and more! 

See youtube for captions: 

Show notes: 

Theology in the Raw, Episode 814. Does the Old Testament Dehumanize Women? Dr. Sandy Richter

Deuteronomy 22: 25-29

Polyvagal theory

Slaves, Women, & Homosexuals by William J. Webb

White Tears/Brown Scars by Ruby Hamad

Trigger Warnings

Talking about trauma responses (some details shared of our personal experiences) (00:56-1:02)

Discussion of Deuteronomy passages (some detailed discussion of SA) (00:27-00:41)

Purity culture and self-blame (some details shared of our personal experiences) (1:05-1:09)

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